Autumn is the season of the soul




Autumn is the season of the Soul ;
As the leaves just fall and let go of everything, so do we have to let go of the past and situations that are not ours anymore.
We all struggle, we all feel pain, Autumn is the season to become a little more introspective, to think about ourselves and learn how to fly high.
This is a time to connect with the mystery & magic that is so tangible this time of year.
This is an ideal time for manifesting.
In autumn, we are preparing ourselves to be reborn with the new year.
This is a time of turning inward and we begin exploring our “underground” selves–our dreams and our intuitive powers ..

~ Lorella Flego ~

Artist Credit : ‘The Last Leaf ‘ by Victor Nizovtsev





Text and image source: Serendipity Corner

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