R.I.P Queen Elizabeth II

Stevie Turner

Instead of my usual Friday Click & Run or Friday Review, I feel I have to pay my own tribute to our Queen.

Everyone will remember where they were and what they were doing when they heard of the Queen’s passing. Sam and I were doing the rather mundane job of washing up after dinner when at 6.30pm, Huw Edwards, who had been manfully waffling on for hours about the possible state of the Queen’s health (wearing a black tie, and so was obviously in the know) whilst inwardly praying for a royal statement, finally announced the death of our longest-reigning monarch.

Gyles Brandreth said something that resonated with me; she was a ‘good person who had led a good life’. This is true – not taking into consideration two of her errant children, not one whiff of scandal about her had clouded the whole 70 years of her reign.

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