I have had Better days…

I have just struggled to write a post on WordPress, using my phone. This I managed to do without my glasses. 

Unfortunately, it seems to have vanished into the ether.

But after much searching, it had found its way to WP after all.

You see, 

I found myself in hospital on Monday night, and nothing has been easy since then.

I had occasion to stop ignoring all those warning signs, the breathlessness, pain and general weakness that had been nagging me for months, finally admitting I had a problem.

The reason I had been keeping it a secret is because heart problems are a sore point in our family. Years ago, I nearly bought the farm but was lucky to escape and two years ago, Anita did die (for a few terrifying minutes)after suffering a mammoth heart attack. And just months ago, Anita’s daughter ended up in the same hospital ward with the same problem.

So, I must be forgiven for not wanting to rejoin that club!

But rejoin I did, on Monday night.

I have just been informed that I will be having an angiogram so they can have a good look around to track down the cause of my systems. They think I will probably need another stent, and have scheduled this performance for tomorrow morning.

More tomorrow, but apologies for not having an image, but it is proving beyond my capabilities…


34 thoughts on “I have had Better days…

  1. Gentle hugs your way.

    It isn’t fun, and repeating the experience doesn’t make it better.

    I have a cardiologist and see her on a regular schedule – even though I’d really rather not. To make things worse, up until lately, GOING to see her raised my blood pressure.

    Now I insist on the five minute resting period before they measure BP, no talking, both feet flat on the floor, back supported – and do my counted breathing the whole time. This results in better numbers AND a feeling that I’m doing something instead of just letting them rile me up and then RECORD numbers which are higher – because THEY made them so. Even such a little bit of control helps.

    One day at a time.

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