My Secret’s Out!

This is coming to you from Queen Alexandra Hospital. I have been here since Monday night.

The secret I have been hiding has finally crept out of the darkness, and now the world and my family know all about the true state of me.

For some time now, I have known I was in trouble, but refused to let it worry me. The breathlessness, odd pains in my chest, all so familiar, but ignored.

Well, all chickens come home to roost and late on Monday night, I knew it was time to stand up and be counted and I was forced to admit the truth.

Turns out I have n almost blocked artery and wait for it, a heart murmur.mrs Organised and capable is stranded in a hospital bed and all I have is my phone, I don’t even have my glasses.

Just sent an sos for an emergency delivery, so will be able to tell you more, later today….

Love from Jaye

10 thoughts on “My Secret’s Out!

  1. I had that happen a few years ago – ended up with some stents – and, when they put the right one in, the breathlessness and mule-kick stopped.

    You’re in the right place – it shouldn’t be a secret, though, but a warning for others to take symptoms seriously.

    I couldn’t do rehab – chronic illness – but figured out a way to do tiny bits in my basement. I hope you can do the more serious kind, and I’m sure it will be a faster rehab that way.

    Best of luck – listen to the doctors – be well.

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