Books I look Forward to Reading…

We saw these books last week and knew we had to read them. Somehow, I managed to shoehorn them onto our reading list…

All part of our new campaign to do more reading!

It’s New Year’s Eve and the stage is set for a lavish party in one of Edinburgh’s best postcodes. It’s a moment for old friends to set the past to rights – and move on.
The night sky is alive with fireworks and the champagne is flowing. But the celebration fails to materialise.
Because someone at this party is going to die tonight.
Midnight approaches and the countdown begins – but it seems one of the guests doesn’t want a resolution.

They want revenge.

One terrifying ordeal too many…

A spate of burglaries cripples the city, putting the community and the police on high alert.
Despite dealing with a personal tragedy, DI Sara Ramsey is determined to end the perpetrator’s terrorising agenda, but it’s going to prove an impossible task as the criminal is far worse than any she’s ever encountered before.

Can she prevent the loss of yet more lives, and if so, at what cost to her personal life and her career?

Have you ever come to the conclusion that no matter how hard you try, you simply cannot do everything?

This happened to me recently, and I am still trying to get my head around it.

Then I started thinking, have I ever managed it?

Have I been fooling myself all these years that it is even possible?

There are days when I seem to get somewhere near it, days when I walk (stumble) away from my desk at the end of the day, feeling proud of my accomplishments.

People say I should be pleased that at my age, I can still breathe! But what has my age to do with it?

Maybe this is the last push, but I hope not. My legs don’t work as well as they used to, and kneeling down is out of the question, but my brain still thinks it’s a teenager, so I am good to go for a while yet!


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