Lost In Amberland

Lost In Amberland

Once there was a curious little girl. Her mind was her favorite playground. She spent her days studyingwhat she thought was a strange world. Spinning these observations into her own imagination, she created her very own reality. Everyday was a new adventure, as she giggled and played within her own universe.

Eventually, the girl grew bored with her surroundings. She had extracted all of the knowledge possible in her own small life. This is when she discovered her love for books. Love is an understatement; it was more of an obsession. Reading a book transported her to a new world instantly. It gave her the ability to soak in possibilities that she had never considered.

I wasthat little girl. The day that I became a book lover is the day that I found myself. Over two decades ago, Ijokingly said thatmy wild imagination and knack for creative thinking were like…

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