tomorrow gets better


tomorrow gets better —

Your beliefs make you afraid of death
Why… have to ‘pay to know’ your fate
Just ‘enjoy’ your life. It is just a breath
Give instead of take. Love before hate

Now is the time, despite the bad start
I don’t know, you can’t tell, yet we live
No harm in helping, it’s having (heart)
Able to: listen, understand and forgive

(Be You) ‘Offset: their top, their chart’
In this life: can be hard to be humble
But, even struggling, ‘life is a bare art’
Which sometimes seems like a jungle

Keep in mind, no one can do it for you
(They try) unknowing your inner needs
Your Happiness (is up to what you do)
Be Careful; when planting your seeds!

Like the wind or a bird… you are free.
You Can! [fly without a single feather]
So BE! Whoever you were made to be.

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