Questions 3: Being Critical

Legends of Windemere

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Maybe I’m wrong or I just wander to the wrong sites.  Still, it feels like people are much more critical of art than they were even a few years ago.  Things are torn apart and insulted before they’re fully released.  People go hunting for reasons to hate something instead of giving stuff a chance.  I know there are things a person won’t touch at all without a second thought, but it feels like most people have a longer list of ‘no’ than ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’.  I get the feeling that this is an effect of social media where you get more attention for hating stuff.  Makes it a lot harder to create things too because new ideas and risky attempts are what this mentality destroys rather easily.  Well, you can get my opinion on this, so let’s open the floor.

Actually, I want to add that this…

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