If ice became home #poetry and #prose #writephoto

If ice became home,
Would you still think the world was cold with indifference,
Or would you cherish all warmth as beyond precious
Would you sit by a hole on a frozen lake, hoping the fish would bite before the frost did,
Or would you share tales of ancient rites of passage, where inglorious hunters earned their most glorious pelts.


If ice became home –
Would you not skate on frozen lakes and watch sunlight dazzle in crystalline splendour…
Or would you slade down snowy glades
With a pack of loyal dogs, their hot breaths steaming life into the frigid air…
Would you see that though the frost may sting, there is warmth in every gaze and every voice…

Eugi’s weekly prompt

If this place became home –
Would you not build a recluse atop its snowy summits
So that each dusk and every dawn,
You’d watch the…

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