Spotlight Poetry – Solitude – A poem by A. A. Milne

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The image depicts a painting titled Solitude by the artist Maurice Sapiro. The work is a semi-abstract impressionist landscape painting. captures the beauty of Nature through his unique depictions of a singular moment beyond a traditional landscape. The work seamlessly extracts light and shadow from the waking colours of a golden sunrise allowing the painting to illuminate the the darkness of the trees around a still lake. Each hue melts effortlessly into each other imbuing the composition with a dynamic atmospheric feel.  The image supports the poem Solitude written by the poet A. A. Milne.
© Maurice Sapiro, Solitude, 2015

Solitude byA. A. Milne

I have a house where I go
Where no one can be;

Where no one says anything — so
There is no one but me.

Poem Attribution © A. A. Milne, Solitude

Source Attribution

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Painting Attribution © Maurice Sapiro, Solitude, 2015

Source Attribution

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