The Three Acts: Act 2, Part 2

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Hi again, gang. Craig with you once more to continue my series on Three Act Structure. If you’re coming in here, the previous posts were Act 1, and Act 2 Part 1.

At this point, we’ve established the environment of the story, met the main character and any quirks he/she might have. We also introduced the main story problem. Then we formed a plan to remedy said problem and executed that plan. It ended in a major disaster. (Read back for a lot more detail.)

I’m kind of proud of one of my lines, so I’m going to repeat it here: Your hero cannot rise from the ashes until he’s been reduced to ashes in the first place. That’s where we begin this section.

Personal observation: This section is always my middle slog. It’s the hardest part for me to write.

I’m going to open with something…

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