Top Ten Ways To Tell If You’re A Post-Covid Writer. #humor #covid #writing

Barb Taub

Okay, we get it. Writers are screwed.

Over the past year and a half, it’s everywhere. People keep emailing/texting/posting links about writers only earning a third of pre-pandemic amounts (although since they weren’t even approaching minimum wage to start, it’s a low bar anyway…).

But seriously? Writing doesn’t pay? You’re depressed? This is news?

If you’re wondering about being a writer in a post-pandemic world, I offer this (revised) quiz. 

Top Ten Ways to Tell If You’re A (Post-Covid) Writer?

_____1. Do you have arguments with your characters about vaccinations? Do you lose?

_____2. Do you eavesdrop on other people’s Zoom conversations because you might use them in your novel? Do you mentally compose better, more dramatic responses?

_____3. Do you correct the grammar and spelling in emails from your child’s teacher, your manager, or any close relative? Flinch at misuse of their/they’re/there or your/you/re? **[Bonus points if you send…

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