Open Book Blog Hop – September 27th

Stevie Turner

Welcome to this week’s blog hop. Today the topic is:

Have you experienced or witnessed genre shaming, where readers/authors degrade a genre? If so, how do you deal with it?

People all have different preferences when it comes to reading genres, and as an author I too prefer to write (and also read) in certain genres. I’m a realist, and enjoy writing about real-life situations. If there’s a true story or a fantasy novel to choose from for my bedtime reading, it’s a cert that I’ll pick the former.

However, that doesn’t mean that fantasy stories are not entertaining. They are, for those who prefer to read them over say, women’s fiction, crime, thrillers or romance novels. Readers and authors should not denigrate those genres they dislike, but unfortunately some of them do. An author who has taken time and trouble to create a novel of any genre should feel…

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