The Journeys of Mer-Mating

TheBubblyTipsyMermaid (TIB)

The Courtesy of Pinterest

Originally posted On: The BubblyTipsy Mermaid (TIB)

Dear Human World,

You should know that mermaids are not as innocent as many people in the world might consider them to be.

The younger ones: Mer-maidens are seriously flawed. On their realm, mermaids have total dominance over their male population. The population of single, unmarried mer-maidens is astounding. The ratio between single and married mermaids is 3.5 out of 5.

Would it be hard to believe that many mer-maidens sneak on board ships and steal popular magazines? These young “fishettescherish “Glamour” magazines. Within a short time, and after a few reads, they are dreaming and imitating “females” of the human world. The outcome is a high maintenance attitude, French fashionista clonings, 3D shelled nail designs, fish-tail body waxings, exotic hairstyles and fragrances.

Many people may have never guessed why so many computers and tvs are…

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