From above…

Sun in Gemini

We often think that seeing something ‘from above’ will result in greater clarity.

It’s usually true in a situation where there is a holistic ‘big-picture’, and the real or metaphorical aerial view can make clear the relationships at work.

But sometimes being above things can conceal the truth about their essential states.

The above image turned into an accidental illustration of this.

We are actually looking down on a pool of water on a beach, where the retreating tide has left it briefly whole. I deepened the colour, in an attempt to bring out the water, but it didn’t work. Instead, there emerged this organic-looking structure that appears to owe more to cellular biology than beach forms…

The colour was rich and pleasing, so I thought I’d make a short blog of it. As with all such things, its existence was brief. But for the short duration of its life…

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