Runaway Mermaid

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She ran off to the shore
The mermaid, who once swam
Under the ocean, till the day
She got stabbed by her own clan.

Desperate to live, she turned to the land,
A desolate habitat, barren to roam.
Faraway from the vast sea,
She grew new feet to make earth her new home.

She had found a place to live
In a place to die.
Runaway daughter of the sea gods,
Left alone on her own to survive.

She grew feet and grew faith,
And learnt the momentum of moving on.
She embraced her new self,
And started a new life like a new born.

Chest abreast, finally confident,
The runaway mermaid now lived free.
Till one dark night, when she was walking on the shore,
Gigantic tides ate her back into the sea.

-Sarah Singh

Thanks for reading ❤ This is a tragic story

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