Smorgasbord Health Column – Family Health A-Z -Pre-Diabetes – A billion at risk of diabetes worldwide by Sally Cronin

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As of 2020 there were 88 million Americans who were pre-diabetic and are at very high risk of developing full blown diabetes and joining the over 34million who already have the disease. CDS Diabetes

According to the World Health Authority it is estimated that there are 422 million people worldwide with diabetes. If the ratio of those with pre-diabetes to those with the disease in the US is common globally it would mean that there are over a billion men and women and children worldwide who are at risk of developing this very dangerous disease. Whilst Type 1 is genetic and is approximately 10% of cases, Type 2 is predominantly lifestyle and diet related and can usually be reversed. If one in seven have this pre-condition gobally, it is likely that someone in your family will develop diabetes.

Unfortunately it is the many millions who are undiagnosed that are…

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