Wanton Whimsy: 5TAG

Sun in Gemini

You can see the moment they get it…

When their tone changes: “Must be just for show; the whole thing – car, suitcase left casually on the luggage rack…”

“What makes you think that?” the woman asks.

“Just look at the number plate!” The man adds, cocky…but sensing fragility.

It’s usually one of the women who sees it first.

“It’s not STAG, Ken, it’s 5TAG…”

And then Ken goes quiet, and you can see his eyes wander up to the black case, strapped to the rack, where he reconsiders whether this is really an ‘art installation’. But, in reality, he’s never heard of an art installation, so he can’t… Instead, he gazes at the car and case, wordlessly.

The woman – the clever woman who spotted the flaw in Ken’s logic – now goes quiet…if she’s the wrong woman. If she’s the right woman, she looks up at the bedroom…

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