Oh to see the Sea

Peacock Poetry

I have to admit that I really miss the beach. It has been a long time since I last heard the lapping of the waves and I’m so in need of some seaside energy! In order to source some beach vibes I decided to write about them and it never fails me what the imagination and memories can evoke!

Sea Seeking

My heart is aching for the shore

where waves and thrill collide

The sounds of nature raw and pure

that reach out far and wide

To watch the rolling of the tide

The ocean’s music woos me

and helps me to wake up inside

Oh salty sea; infuse me!

The days that we’ve spent chasing crests

upon which to ride in on

are memories among the best, on my face put a grin on

Each day I need you more and more

I’ve too long been denied!

My heart…

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