When I realized it was over
When it was …. so plain to see
I knew there was no going back
You were done …. so done with me.

All the while I tried pretending
Hoping you might change your mind
But nothing that I did or said
Was going to work this time.

Every conversation
Had ended in a fight
No chance to try and work it out
I knew that you were right.

You were through …. tired of my nonsense
You were sure …. there was no doubt
I gave up talking …. packed my bags
Got my stuff and headed out.

The same old lame excuses
All the times I made you cry
I knew you’d reached your limit
You didn’t even say, “goodbye”.

The charm that won you over
Had faded over time
You weren’t interested in sweet talk
That cajoling “come on” line.


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One thought on “TIME TO MOVE ON

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