Sunsets: the Writer’s Choice

Story Empire

Hello SE friends, Gwen with you today, and together we’re going to travel across the country.

Last month I moved from the Midwest to a mountainous area in Arizona. The journey was arduous, but is was also stunningly beautiful. Traveling west, the sun guided the way and as the end of day drew near, the heavens burst into rainbow shades. There were times that I was speechless by the pure majesty.

We all love sunsets. We include them in our stories. We measure time through their visits, create passion in their light, suggest mystery through the shadows. The movement of the sun is very much a part of our writing experience.

But does the sun manifest in the same way across the country, across the planet?

When I arrived in Prescott, Arizona, the sky hung low. It seemed as though I could touch the clouds. And to my surprise, the…

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