Fighting to Survive the Day and Solve the Challenges of Your Daily Fun Time — Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I have a set schedule. I write at nine every day. Rain, shine, I commit to two hours of writing and deliver a finished piece. First, I source and create an image and write my first draft before struggling through multiple edits, creating a title, proofreading, and scheduling a post. My timeline does not change. I find working with a rigid outline forces me into preconceived conclusions. But working without direction or a destination is a recipe for disaster. There is a delicate balance between writing without limits and writing with purpose.

Given too many choices and no expectations, I can’t decide, and my story goes nowhere. I need rules, constraints, guidelines, a theme, and a challenge. Restrictions like word counts, time limits, and main topics help create a puzzle to occupy my critical mind. Specific benchmarks quiet my inner censor and allow my subconscious brain room to play.


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