Why Am I Avoiding Working on My WIP?

Story Empire

Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash

Hi SEers. John with you today. I had a sudden awakening before writing this post, and it made me feel somewhat uncomfortable. I think I can describe it but bear with me. To try, I will give you a hypothetical entry in my diary. (I really don’t have a diary, but it makes it a little easier to introduce my situation.)

Well, dear diary, here I am with over 35,000 words of my next book. What’s that? I think you ask a good question, “Why am I writing in a diary and not in the book?” You are very wise, Dear Diary. I wish I had an answer.

Now I turn to you, SEers. You see, it has been a week since I last made any headway on the draft of my book. It looks like I might have a problem with motivation.  How do I…

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