Don’t Talk Like That: How to Write Good Dialogue–Punctuation

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Hi SErs! Harmony here 🙂

Today, I’d like to take another look at dialogue. Because this is such a large topic, I have spread the topic over a few posts. As the post title suggests, we’ll look at ‘punctuation’ around dialogue today.

“I thought you said-“

Penny interrupted, ‘I don’t care what you thought.’

“Now what …” Kelly trailed off.

“Who’s hungry?” Ben asked.

“We already ate Ben.”

The above dialogue shows a multitude of errors.

Top Tip: Let your punctuation speak for itself.

The dashes and elipses show both the interruption and the trailing off. You don’t also need to tell it.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, the girls didn’t actually eat Ben. They did, however, forget the essential comma so that the readers knows cannibalism isn’t involved. “We already ate, Ben.”

Any time we use a name or endearment within dialogue to…

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