So where will we get the staff?

Jim Webster

Whilst my time in agriculture has been a time of impressive change, I suspect that the industry has been moving so quickly, every generation born since 1900 will be able to say that. I started my life working alongside men who’d been in farm work in the 1920s and 1930s. They were horsemen but I just missed that.

But being born on a family farm I’ve done jobs that long disappeared. I’ve planted potatoes by hand. (Push one in by the toe of your boot. Then bring your heel of the other foot to that potato and push the next one in by your toe. But if you are a child it’s two feet.)
Like the folk in the photo I’ve also thinned turnips by hand. Basically using one of the old seed drills you’d plant the turnips with the seeds virtually touching. When the rows of seeds germinated and…

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5 thoughts on “So where will we get the staff?

  1. Sometimes I think I have had a harder life than Tallis Steelyard, other times I’m not so sure.
    One thing that has been pointed out to me by my proof reader, Tallis Steelyard speaks and writes far better than I do 🙂

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