Stop, Unlearn What You Have Learned, and May The Force Be With You – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk

Today, whatever is good for your soul, do that. Anonymous

Some days I don’t know where to start. They bombard us with top ten lists on every topic imaginable. To lose weight, eat this, run, walk, hang upside down while performing an impossible number of crunches. To ensure you succeed at work, don’t use these eight dreaded phrases, do contribute to the value-added proposition. Give 110% on every project, and don’t be that person who says “yes” to make the boss happy. Do you want to be the best parent at your kids’ school? Boy, do we have a list of must-dos, should-dos, and never-dos for you. By the way, you should indoctrinate your kids to these lists as well. It is what any decent, loving parent would do for the sake of their offspring’s survival.

Then for kicks, about every six to twelve months, they upend everything on us. You know those things we told you to do last…

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