Six on Saturday: Wisteria in Bud!

Rambling in the Garden

The buds on our wisteria are swelling nicely and in profusion…but sadly I am not the only one who has noticed, as you can see from the photo above… The blame rests, I am pretty sure, on the chunky shoulders of those big fat wood pigeons who have been strutting around the garden recently, showing off their pigeony charms to fellow pigeons – and I am not best pleased to say the least! Last year was an unusually poor year for blooms on the wisteria, the lower branches being largely devoid of flowers, and it was the first time I had heard mention that birds (and especially pigeons) can be responsible for stripping wisteria buds in this way. I don’t know if that was the reason behind the poor showing last year, but this year the evidence was there for all to see – several complete buds on the ground…

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