If you can read this; bring coffee. Oh, and Merry Christmas. #humor #Italy #pandemic

Barb Taub

“If you can read this, send coffee.” —Notes from a pandemic lockdown.

It’s been a strange week here in Italy. 

First we had Easter, then Christmas. Okay, I know what you’re thinking—we were supposed to have Easter. But no way was I ready for the way they Easter in Florence, let alone the way they do it during a pandemic. Of course, between vaccine shortages and super-contagious covid variants, Italy has moved restrictions back to Red level, as it was in 2020. You can only leave the house to obtain essential survival-critical supplies of coffee/alcohol food, coffee/alcohol medicine, and children’s clothing. (My kids used to wake up a completely different clothing size on a regular basis, so that last one makes perfect sense to me.)

Last year Easter was cancelled, including Florence’s signature variation, the Scoppio del Carro, or explosion of the cart. This is a tradition tracing back…

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