MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt – Three Senses – A Smell in the House.


We’d been having problems with mice. Baits had been doing their bit but there seemed a never-ending supply of them scampering across the kitchen floor.

I had discovered that there were reasons for not baiting in the house, as they tended to die there and so smell.

I hated the smell as it was usually coming from some difficult to access place (like behind a bookcase).

I have become paranoid about smells, especially pungent ones.

So when I woke up the other night and realised there was a smell I immediately thought there’s a dead mouse in the house.

In my mind I planned my next day, hunting down the poor deceased rodent. Checking under beds, I once found a dead one inside a piece of rolled up carpet under my bed, behind the bookcases, inside cupboards and in every conceivable space.

We get mouse invasions every year, usually when…

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