Love in a hopeless place. Poetry collaboration

tales told different

Hey everyone. Michaela of Maria Michaela poetry and I combined for this deeply symbiotic collaboration. We share a love for horror and romance, but since this is the holy week, we changed it a little.

Michaela wrote in bold italics and I did the light italics.

Hope you enjoy;

A cold wind swept through the land
And all was quiet
The rustling leaves and howling breeze
Was the only sound

Dead foliage scraped atop unhallowed ground
And wails of torment clawed from within
Misery writhing in obsidian soils

Dark days have finally come
Roots of sorrow digging deep underground
All is lost now, it would seem

Yes, the future bodes grim and gruesome
As death laughs in the face of love
And I search despondently
For I need you now more than ever

But the darkness seems to devour everything
I cannot see where your light is
Fear has gripped…

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