The spirited moral stance of Chandar Sortackle

Tallis Steelyard

I am not one to gloat, but I confess I could see it coming. At the Shrine of Aea in her Aspect as the Personification of Tempered Enthusiasm we do music reasonably well.

Now that sounds like faint praise, but it is not meant like that. By and large there is a general feeling that we like music. Some amongst our number are in point of fact, competent musicians. Some of our singers can indeed sing. Some, like our member of the Idiosyncratic Diaconate, are among the first to admit that they cannot sing. Others, such as Laxey, are possessors of fine voices. Indeed in those services where it falls upon Laxey to sing solo, we can find our congregation augmented by any number of single ladies from the Maternal Guild.

Still, as Maljie has commented, ‘We can bawl out a good chorus.’ To be fair, the tunes we normally…

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