show, don’t tell

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Hello SE friends! Gwen with you today to share a discovery. Yep, I stumbled upon a jewel quite unexpectedly.

My household is humming with all things related to moving. Boxes stacked high, piles here and there. I’m doing my usual thing of organizing, sorting, and gifting. I’m sure you’re familiar with the routine.

Yesterday while going through some old photos, I was surprised by what I found. It wasn’t that I discovered new photographs, because I’ve seen these images many times before. Rather, I was struck by how my recall of the time frames differed from what the photos themselves conveyed. In other words, I happened upon a chasm between my memories and the evidence before me.

My memories tell me that I grew up in a large farmhouse until I was ten years old. I can describe the rooms, and what it was like to run through them. I…

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