Kindness Matters

Pete Springer

Roxy, our wonderful waitress

I’ve always believed in the simple idea that one act of kindness can affect someone else. The “pay it forward” philosophy makes the world a gentler and kinder place. When my friend and former coworker, Angie Cossolotto, started a Facebook Group called Kindness Matters a couple of years ago, it sounded exactly like the type of thing I’d be interested in.

Each month the people in the group are tasked with a specific act involving kindness.  I just completed this month’s challenge, and as always, I feel good about bringing some cheer to someone else’s life.  When you have good role models, as I did with my parents, it doesn’t feel like I’m doing anything extraordinary.

I blogged about this once before with the coffee challenge to pay for the next customer’s drink. forget who told me, but I read that this challenge took…

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