The cat will play

Tallis Steelyard

There is a lot to be said for having a pet. If you are in the happy position of being able to feed your family adequately then adding another mouth has merit. I confess to being fond of dogs, but I know some find their exuberance wearing. Others look to the cat for companionship. I know the feral cats who stalk our wharf, warily avoiding unheeding heavy boots as they hunt for their lunch. A disregarded fish head or a rat, responses leaden through overeating, both make a good lunch for our stalking feline. As I pass them I will give them the time of day and occasionally one of them might even rub against my leg.

I have been told that pets take on the character of their owner, whilst others say that owners are drawn to pets who share their natural characteristics. I trust that the latter is…

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