Is Your Writing a Business or a Hobby?

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Hi SEers! Welcome to another Mae Day on Story Empire. Recently, a post I made about being a disciplined writer, produced a few comments about whether writing was a hobby or a business. The IRS clearly has an opinion, but much of how the government views your writing is also determined by how you view it.

I’m going to draw on a Story Empire post I wrote in 2017. We have many new blog followers since then, and I believe rehashing the points may be a benefit, especially with tax deadlines looming.

Most of us go into writing hoping to make a profit. Sure, it’s our dream to have published works “out there,” but it would also be nice to see some success along with the realization of that dream. This is where things can get tricky.

There’s an old saying “to make money you have to spend money.” For…

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3 thoughts on “Is Your Writing a Business or a Hobby?

  1. At the beginning – 1983/4 I was fooled into thinking i’d continue making money. Ha ha…I was commissioned (?) to write two books by a mainstream, London Publishing House Kogan Page Ltd., was paid well and one book went to a second reprint. Royalties were excellent and even library payouts were promising..I also won a few reasonable money prizes for my poetry. Then ‘life’ intruded and although I continued writing modest amounts of poetry and ran a group, I didn’t write another book until 2005.OH DEAR! How things had changed! Luckily, I won lst prize (generous) for an International s.story comp in Torrevieja, Spain – to where we had relocated, but my Memoir (not mainstream!) had struggled to make much.. Ditto my other six books. I have just finished my 10th…Luckily I had saved…but do think writers deserve a fairer share of the pie! I am NOT technical but still love writing, so carry on scribbling….Cheers! .

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