Chasing shadows

France & Vincent


The itchy footed hobbit (no, they are not hairy) got in the car and set off on a mission. It wasn’t so much ‘if you choose to accept it’ .. more a biting off the hand of opportunity…the morning had got to me. So the chance to actually scratch the itch, so to speak, was more than welcome.

The email from my friend some 200 miles away was clear. It transpires that in spite of upwards of a thousand photos, I hadn’t got a good shot of a particular shadow on a church wall. And, of course, this is precisely the shot he needs.

In my defence, I don’t generally go around photographing shadows… though it has been known. Shadows can be exquisitely beautiful. But this one in particular had escaped my attention. Mainly because I had no idea what it was.

I have written before of how, in a…

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