A garden is a lovesome thing

Tallis Steelyard

It has to be admitted that a garden can be a most beautiful place. I have many patrons who will spend much of their time supervising teams of gardeners. Indeed some even go so far as to forget themselves and take part in the labour in person, trimming, pruning, taking cuttings and propagating.

I have several times organised events which will take advantage of particular features of a garden. I’ve even arranged events which moved around a garden ensuring we caught the right feature at the right time of day and approached it from the right angle. Rather more often I have found myself carrying oaken swill baskets loaded with well-rotted horse dung for a patron as she uses my presence as an excuse to get certain more physically demanding tasks done as we discuss the entertainment. Not all of my patrons can afford gardeners.

Maljie and her sister Margarita…

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