Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

For those of you wondering why the “new format” in WordPress is called a block editor, it’s because each chunk of graphics or text is considered a “block” — whether it’s a picture, a collection of pictures, a paragraph, or a quote. The point of a block editor is it lets you move blocks around the page or the book — or even between multiple books — until you have exactly what you want. It’s a wonderful kind of function to have when you’re writing a book, or have finished a draft and are rearranging text and graphics for your next draft.

For a blog, a block editor is overkill. Few blog posts exceed 1000 words. More typically, posts run closer to 500 or 600 words. For a small piece like that, cut and paste is more than enough firepower. A block editor — if this were indeed a block…

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