Ignore Work-Life Balance, Pour Gas on Your Internal Fire, and Ignite Your Passion — Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


We ordered Chinese food this week. I’m a sucker for Moo Shoo Pork, Double Stir Fried String Beans, Salt and Pepper Smelt, Eight Treasure Tofu Pot, and well, I like everything on the menu. Oh, and egg rolls. Don’t forget the egg rolls. The entertainment portion of the evening is reading your Fortune Cookie. Mine made me cry because we all know the predictions in Fortune Cookies are always 100% accurate. It said, “You will start that thing you have been putting off.”

I have sound reasons for delaying this thing. First, I’ve had too many projects in various stages of completion. Each one vies for my attention and makes me juggle competing demands, worry over unnecessary delays, and run in continuous circles. I have used postponing the start of my pet project as a carrot. Once I have cleared the deck and finished these annoying, never-ending tasks, then I…

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