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Photography by Bjorn Looss – Model is Guinevere van Seenus


It wasn’t the dragon
It wasn’t Merlin
It wasn’t the jester
Nor his old tambourine

It wasn’t the French knight
They called Lancelot
Nor evil Morgan le Fay
And the fall of Camelot

Dark Age’s disasters
Round table no more
Le Morte d’Arthur
Lady of the Lake came ashore
She took care of Excalibur
Kept it safe under water
Away from the wars
Away from the slaughter

It wasn’t because of a battle
Nor a lost wedding ring
It was his lady Ginny
Who broke the heart of Arthur, her King

She shouldn’t get blamed though
She just loved two great men
Love has its drawbacks
In the now and back then

Some say it’s all fiction
Or was just a dumb game
But one things for certain
Nothing would be ever the same

I have to admit I’m…

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