Winter walks with camera (12) liminal crossing into Spring

Sun in Gemini

There’s something special about the two week period when one season blends into another, particularly winter into spring. This liminal period is capable of showing us the subtlety that winter lacks…

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(Above: like the brightening evening sky, the full moon assumes a new and more colourful beauty as February nears its end)

Something wonderful happens to the winter sky towards the end of February – there is a weekend during which the light energy doubles – it’s the largest upward gradient in the year. We all feel it; people start saying “spring’s just around the corner!” For the photographer, the new energy fills the landscape with a different kind of contrast.

(Above: the increasing light begins to warm the colours of landscape shots. The rail viaduct at Arnside)

The colour of stone is brighter, seeming to give off light, again. The sky is deeper, as…

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