Chapter 10 of ‘A Long Sleep’ by Stevie Turner

Stevie Turner

Copyright Stevie Turner 2019 (you can find Chapter 9 here):

Katie eyes my freshly-washed hair, eyeshadow, and short sleeved dress.

“You’ve made a bit of an effort tonight, Mum. Bit of alright, is he?”

I feel my face redden, and busy myself getting Kieran comfortable in his wheelchair.

“I wouldn’t know.” I reply.

“Hmm… I bet you do.” Katie laughs. “What’s Mister Wonderful going to do to my brother tonight?”

The doorbell rings, and I quickly head to the front door.

“Watch and see.” I reply. “You’ll be amazed.”

My cheeks are still glowing as I greet Mike.

“Hi. Come in. We’re all ready for you.”

“Take these first.” Mike hands over my shopping. “I completely forgot they were in my boot.”

I take the bags from him. His hands are warm.

“Don’t worry. So did I.”

I leave the bags in the hallway and Mike follows me to…

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