Saturday Snipppets…13th February 2021…

Retired? No one told me!

Welcome to this weeks Saturday Snippets…in many ways, my favourite post of the week as I can indulge my whimsy…The healthy eating is…starting slowly……My exercise routine has kicked up a notch…I have walked 10,000 plus steps each day for 3 days on the bounce and my lazy mutt aka Saangchai has finally got his butt into gear… he lapped me last night and this morning he was waiting so I had to do 2 laps before he was happy then get him back inside the gate and then set off on my walk …as he normally walks off the lead that is fine in safe places but I would not trust taking him off lead when I walk to the market etc and he doesn’t like the lead too much  …that wouldn’t work for me or him but laps around where we live in the early evening is a…

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