Chapter 6 of ‘A Long Sleep’ by Stevie Turner

Stevie Turner

Copyright Stevie Turner 2019 (you can find Chapter 5 here).


The nurse takes a blood-soaked swab out of Kieran’s mouth. Kieran is still off with the fairies, and for now the post-op ward is quiet.

“He’ll be able to go home later this afternoon when he’s fully awake. For now we’ll keep changing the swabs until the bleeding stops.”

I stroke my son’s hand and prepare myself for the inevitable stares and disapproving looks from the other patients on the ward and their relatives. Kieran will soon be conscious, and peace as they know it will be shattered.

To pass the time before kick-off, I take my iPhone from my bag and type in ‘What is a Spiritual Healer?’ I then find I’m looking at Blog of the Angels’ definition. I skip down the page:

‘Healing requires something to be broken…

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