Winter walks with camera (9) dull green and soft ochre

Sun in Gemini

We think of winter as being full of disadvantages for the photographer, but it also brings unique colours and dynamic contrasts: from clouds in the sky to the low sun on the landscape.

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One of the most subtle contrasts is between the dull green of winter’s foliage and the colour of the residual life of trunk, branch, twig and crop stubble… each coming to life with the touch of the sun.

One of the brightest winter greens is the moss, especially in very wet parts of the countryside – like we have in Cumbria. Combined, here, with the limestone walls and soft afternoon sun, it produced a subtle composition.

Winter’s effects on water can be dramatic, too. After days of intense rain, the local rivers – all bound for the vast expanse of Morecambe Bay, exhibit different colours depending on their speed and depth. Here…

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