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The 23-year-old liquor store clerk who seemed open to my mentoring has been giving me the vibe that he’s done with my life lessons. It appears that he’s in the stage again of wanting to believe what is more comfortable instead of the probable truth. Well, I can’t fault him since that is how a typical young person’s mindset is. Many/most adults are no different.

When you’re young you tend to have the mindset of ‘anything can happen,’ which often translates into aligning your life with the improbable. Currently, he’s of the belief that he doesn’t need anything to get him through life besides gratitude. The influence responsible for his philosophy is that guy who wrote the book, ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.” Gratitude as a life enhancer works better for people who can afford a Ferrari.

The difference between an adult and a teenager is that an adult…

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