Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

Last winter was warm and we got barely any snow at all. The previous winter (2018) was not quite as warm, but we only got a bit of snow. So imagine our surprise when a predicted snowstorm turned into a real snowstorm. In the two years since anyone had to shovel anything, we’ve gotten older. Our backs are worse. Garry can’t and Owen shouldn’t. The idea of me shoveling produces laughter even from The Duke.

A quick look out the side of the house

Owen had no work today. His boss called and said “Don’t bother.” He didn’t bother, but he baked a loaf of bread and a meatloaf and fed the birds twice. Garry fed the birds the third time. They eat like mad when it snows. And there were so many birds out back this morning, it was wild. Every bird in the area came. We scattered a…

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