Guarded; (Thursday Photo Prompt #writephoto)

Antonia Sara Zenkevitch

once, I would have scaled it,

that guardian stone of hidden realms,

mountain giants could just lift it,

yet I’d be faster than most elves;

with wolf’s heart and unbalanced feet,

though many times I tripped and fell,

I’d battle boundaries few could see;

my barriers invisible,

I’d climb after I tumbled,

I carried on when others’ laughed,

few wondered why I stumbled,

their own horizons vast –

yet I travelled the world,

or many parts of it,

pitching tents while tempests hurled,

or through post-conflict

while waring with my limbs, again,

joints disconnected –

but no one sees the spasms;

they think it’s just a twitch,

pain well-veiled, like organs,

and they misbehave as well,

but I scaled rocks and mountains

while I was yet half able,

mountains are matters of perspective,

measured by subjective size,

once I could still use my legs

now I roll level with your…

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