Building a new Bench…

From Nebari

Brian VFUncategorized January 30, 2021 1 Minute

For 25 years, my main bench design has been 2×2 slats running front to back over 2×4 joists, attached to a 4×4 or 6×6 post. They look good, are simple to make, and have a wide margin of error for someone, like me, who is not a naturally skilled carpenter.

I built these benches 5.5 years ago when we moved to this house, using treated pine, and they are starting to show some wear and tear. Additionally, this yard is not well-suited for trees, and I have been evaluating where to site trees to improve their overall health. This area is protected from wind and strong sun, and since the bench is in need of replacement, I thought I’d start here, and expand the linear feet available here to place trees. The current bench is 8′ long, 18″ deep, and clearly overrun!

First step, move trees and tear out the old bench, and start to lay out the new bench.

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