The Apple Fell From The Tree.


Image from here

It hit the ground and made straight for me.

The trail of maggots climbed my legs

They entered me and sucked the dregs.

They coloured my view, trapped inside my eyes

Whispering in my ears abhorrent lies that turned the tides

Of ills besetting me. They feasted on my brains

Their waste clogging up my arteries and veins.

Filling my womb and ovaries

Damning up my bladder, my waters burst uncontrollably.

They turned my milk, so what, I was now baron

They pushed out my hair Until I resembled carrion.

I beg them to set me free,they did not

I begged them for peace and for the pain to stop.

They did not listen nor did they care

They gave not a shit for how I’d fare.

No one listened no one cared. So long as it was not them

Who suffered. Their eyes avoid me again…

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